From Crafts Enterprise to Partner of Industries


Steinlen Elektromaschinenbau GmbH and its predecessors started their business 100 years ago. Such a long tradition is not self-evident on a market determined by displacement. At the moment we have more than 2000 customers in all kinds of industry (manufacturing, producing, processing) as well as in trade and co-operatives. The company developed from the classical crafts enterprise, a small armature winding shop, to a service and trades partner with a wide range of goods and also to a licensed producer of electrical drive engineering for industrial purposes.

We are a specialised on electrical drives. You can expect us to solve your problems in that section. Our performances contains consulting and sales, repair, maintenance, manufacturing und stock keeping.


Workshop with Modern Processing Methods
A modern capable workshop, an own winding shop as well as a large stock are the basis of our considerable performance. Our highly qualified co-workers produce windings not only for the common three phase and direct current motors but also special windings for pumps, coils for load magnet, brakes and couplings as well as windings for armatures of traction motors. You can also rely on our expertise in servo technology, pump technology, hoisting devices, heavy load magnets and agitators.
Our staff is skilled in many methods of mechanical processing: e.g. single or series production of lathe work up to 1,000 mm diameter; square and asymmetric parts; milling; welding in all kind of different ways like MiG-MaG welding, inert arc welding with non-consumable electrode for steel, cast iron, stainless steel and aluminium; keyway slotting; flame spraying with bronze, chrome also V2A or plastic coating.

Safety by Measuring and Test Technology
We employ several authorized inspectors for explosion proof motors and are allowed to carry out repairs and inspections on these units.
With Steinlen you play safe, as we work with modern measurement and testing technology. Torque and load of all electromagnetic apparatus we supply or repair are adjusted exactly according the customer requirements. All units are started-up; our experts measure static and dynamic torques of electromagnetic couplings and brakes and also identify exactly the positioning force of electro-hydraulic lifting cylinders or electromagnetic lifting and fanning magnets. We carry out vibration measurements, bearing analysis and counterbalancing on customer’s site.

We are Contractual Partners of Industry
Our experience and expertise convinced well-known producers of drive systems and components: for 60 years we are authorized Bauer repair shop and since the year 2000 also Danfoss Drives Center. As such we guarantee a 24-hours-service for Bauer geared motors und Danfoss frequency converters. Furthermore we are also authorized partner of Kendrion Binder for electromagnetic couplings and brakes as well as the section magnet technology. Our wide range of spares and components on stock is most important to our industrial partners, as it allows quick reaction. Steinlen stocks about 28,000 different articles with a total of about 4 million individual parts. As authorized partners we emphasise especially on preventive maintenance. This avoids complex repairs and expensive standstills. We also offer graded maintenance contracts up to complete service arrangements.

Production under Licence for Manufacturers of Trade-Mark Products
Since 1995 we are licensed manufacturer of old series of well-known suppliers of components of drive systems. At that time Steinlen took over the manufacturing of electromagnetic, pneumatic and hydraulic multiple disc brakes and couplings, make Binder. The production takes place in the framework of a Joint ventures with the polish company FUMO in OstrzeszÓw. This had not been a choice for reasons of economy but because we could not find a better technical know-how and necessary flexibility when looking for a new partner in Europe but FUMO. FUMO and Steinlen are both certified according DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
The production of the motors of the G 96-series leads to doubling of staff; purchase of material and world wide sales are operated ex head office in Großburgwedel.

Chances of Growth in the Export Business
Approximately a fourth of Steinlen’s total turnover is gained in the export business. Since 2000 we are represented by an own sales and service branch in Katowice in Poland. Our affiliated company guarantees the service for Bauer geared motors all over Poland. We also co-operate closely with the Italian manufacturer Coremo Ocmea srl, that helped us to expand our sales and service range of calliper brakes.

No future without qualified junior staff

In spite of the clearly industrial focus we continue crafts traditions: As one of the eldest specialised companies of the guild we train young people constantly. At an average 15 – 16 apprentices work and learn at Steinlen’s as electronic technicians for drive systems and components engineering as well as clerks.