We are the official german distributor for industrial brakes of COREMO OCMEA s.r.l.

COREMO OCMEA s.r.l., established 1960, is based in Assago – Milan (Italy) with a 5100m² office and production facility.

COREMO OCMEA s.r.l. manufactures mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic brakes and clutches for the industries of wire & cable, metal forming, steel, textile, paper, converting, packaging, theatrical stage machines and for all other industrial applications.


Caliper Brakes

Wide product range including manual, pneumatic and hydraulic brakes; also available in the failsafe version (spring applied) for safety and emergency applications. Max. braking force from 150 to 40.000 N. All models equipped with linings wear compensation systems, inclined mounting kit and pads self-alignment systems. Available optionals: linings wear indicator, on/off indicator. SG iron discs available ex stock.


Modular Braking Systems

Pneumatic braking units (max. braking force from 450 to 3.600 N) to be combined to obtain an efficient, reliable and reconfigurable braking system; also available in the failsafe version (spring applied) for safety and emergency applications. High versatility guaranteed; user-friendly both in mounting and maintenance operations.


Pneumatic Brakes

Pneumatic brake featuring optimum price/performance ratio. Max. braking force from 170 to 750 N. The best solution to have a reliable and high-performance brake on standard industrial machinery without losing coas control.


Hydraulic Brakes

Powerful, compact and versatile; max. braking force 20.000 to 100.000 N. The new Coremo proposal generated by continuous research and development to meet Customers requirements also in the fields of energy, seaport and marine, lifting systems and conveyors, mining and oil. Failsafe version (spring applied) also available.


Air Cooled Brakes

Pneumatic brake with a diaphragm for tension control applications. The design of cooling fins allows high heat dissipation. The special diaphragm which controls the brake is extremly sensitive to the minimum variation in pressure, as well as high-temperature resistant. Braking torque from 0,15 to 1.400 Nm.


Brakes and Clutches

The MINI pneumatic brakes and clutches combine advanced power transmission requirements with very compact size. They are aluminium made with low-inertia rotating parts; the clutches are equipped with built-in rotocoupling. They are available also with a self-supporting mounting flange. Max. torque from 15 to 275 Nm.


Air Tube Design Clutches and Brakes

Low inertia pneumatic brakes and clutches, also available as spring-applied emergency brakes. The air tube concept offers sensitivity ans versatility to a huge number of high-frequency industrial processes. The multidisc system gives very high torque in a compact size. Max. torque from 210 to 49.500 Nm.


Water Cooled Clutches and Brakes

These air tube pneumatic brakes and clutches are equipped with a water cooling circuit for applications requiring extremely high heat dissipation. Air tube sensitivity allows fine torque control. They are available with steel disc (W) or copper disc (R) to increase thermal capacity (up to 273 kW). Torque from 5 to 51.000 Nm.


Radial Units

Simple to be installed and compact, the Airing radial units are engaged by an air tube and can be used as drum brakes (in stopping and holding applications) or clutches (to connect two shafts directly or through from 40 to 4.000 Nm. The high thickness friction pad and the reliable air tube ensure high performances and low maintenance cost.


Clutch/Brakes Combinations

Designed to combine in one single group the start-stop functions. The braking function is spring applied; the sliding movement of one single disc avoids overlapping. These groups are available also in versions single brake or single clutch. Max. torque from 28 to 18.000 Nm.


Automatic Tension Controls

Simple and reliable mechanical-pneumatic devices designed to control the web tension in unwinding or winding applications. The roll diameter variation is detected by a proportional valve which changes the air pressure supplied to the brake. Available with built-in manometer too.