Licensed manufacturing of drum motors.

Drum motors with cage rotor

  • 0,25 - 7,5 kW
  • 220 - 690 V
  • The drum motors are totally enclosed, completely dust-proof and hose-proof
    according to IEC IP 65 degree of protection and are suitable for operation out of doors or in dusty or damp rooms.
  • Model DT1 (Ø 160 mm) up to DT4 (Ø 400 mm)
  • Model DT2 up to DT4 - on demand with return stop
  • on demand rubberized

Bauer Drum Motors are designed for driving portable, mobile and stationary belt conveyors of the type used for handling loose and bulk goods. Because of their outstanding advantages they are used troughout the entire field of materials handling.

Drum Motors satisfy the demand for a reliable conveyor drive in the best possible manner and have proved their reliability in thousands of plants. They require practically no maintenance. A lubricant change is normally necessary only after approximately 10.000 operating hours.